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Main Rule Topic!

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Main Rule Topic!

Post by Addy Shadows on Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:18 am

For Our Official Full Rule Set Visit the following Link:

The Rules
(For an on site version of these rules see the bottom of this post for the unformatted version in the spoiler. (May not be up to date)


It's important that you read these rules!

Things not covered on that document:

Story Section:
Nothing explicit or sexual please. Otherwise follow all of the rules from the main document.

Forum Posting Points:
You gain these from posting and doing various things on the forum, you'll be able to view the rewards you can trade your points for in the appropriate forum section, if you are unable to see the Forum Posting Point Redeeming section then don't worry, you'll see it soon!

Rules Unformatted
Little Support Community Forum

The Rules!
By: Midnight Shadows & Snow Blitz
Version: 1.5.0
-Copying of this ruleset is prohibited-

General Rules
-Be Friendly: This is a forum for most everyone, don’t discriminate against someone simply because they don’t like the same things you do or because of their beliefs.

-Flaming/Trolling: Don’t troll or flame, it’s not nice, and it will not be tolerated.

-Harassment: Do NOT harass anyone on the forum, again it’s not nice and will not be tolerated.

-No Means No: If a moderator tells you NOT to do something, it means don’t do it, it’s that simple, if you feel you’ve been mis-treated by the staff, see the Rule Breakage section, Subsection I: Reporting Mistreatment/False Reports

-Minimum Age: The minimum age to register on the site is 18 (Eighteen Years Of Age)

-Spam/Buisness: We do not accept spammers, we also do not accept people who are simply trying to peddle a product, however if you are a supplier of AB/DL goods we would be happy to have you as a member of our forum, we understand the value of getting feedback on your products, as long as you’re not spamming the forum with your product, it’s okay to post updates and host small polls for opinions on your product.

-No Law Breaking: Do not break any laws, do not encourage anyone to break laws, and do not encourage anyone to engage in self-harming acts.

-Readable English: Please use readable english when using our forum. Usage of other languages is allowed in your signature/account information/private messages, but please on the main forum use english.

Posting Rules
-Furries? Yes! We are a furry friendly site, feel free to post furry related content as long as it’s in the proper areas (SFW in the normal area and NSFW in the NSFW Area)

-Non-AB/DL Content: Go for it! We want our community to be diverse! If you wish to chat about things that aren’t ab/dl related go right ahead! Just make sure you’re posting in the right sections!

-Legally Registered Pedophiles/Predators: Are not allowed to join this forum due to its content. If it is discovered that you are of the aforementioned group you will be reported to law enforcement.

--Posting Rules Subsection I: Content Rules
 -NSFW Content: Pictures and posts of the likes will be monitored, anything that contains nudity or explicit imagery is not allowed in the main forum. For NSFW Links see: Age Subsection I
---PR Subsection II: NSFW Content Subsection I: Images containing diapers, diaper wearing, pacifiers, bottles, and the likes are allowed on the regular forum area so long as they meet the following criteria.A.) Do not contain Minors. B.) Do not contain Nudity. (Genitals/Breasts/Butt) C.) Diapers need to be clean/dry if worn, the exception to this is only for wet diapers in the review section, and they must NOT BE BEING WORN in the picture, and can ONLY be wet. Messy diaper images are forbidden across the entire site. Links are permitted in the NSFW Section so long as it is a LINK and not an actual image, and there must be adequate warning of what the link is.
--Posting Rules Subsection II: Chatbox
 -The Chatbox is a SFW area: This means it’s “Safe For Work” Or: A place where you can chat with other members in a safe environment.
-Chatbox Moderators: Our Chatbox Moderators may not be forum moderators, anyone with a @ in front of their username in the chatbox is a chatbox moderator, go to them if you need help in the chatbox.

--Posting Rules Subsection III: Product Reviews
  -Product Reviews: This section is to review various ab/dl products (most likely diapers.) This is the only section where posting of a wet diaper (with no person in the image) is allowed outside of the NSFW area. Anyone can make a product review however if it breaks rules it will be taken down.

  -Site Verified Reviews: These are reviews of products that have been made by members who are verified as reliable sources of information. Product reviews in this section should be considered more accurate than the general reviews.

Behaviour Rules
-Swearing: We allow swearing, mainly because most of our staff swear, but don’t be excessive, and don’t post explicit words in the SFW area.

-Be Polite at all times: If someone is being rude, don’t be rude back. They will be talked to by a mod about their attitude.

-18+ Content: Users who behave solely to create sexual situations will be banned, this is forbidden on the site.

Age Restriction Rules
-NSFW Section: This is the section of the forum is for discussions that are explicit so you don’t expose any possible Minors to it, or simply people who just don’t want to see explicit things in general. To gain access to the NSFW Section you must be a member with at least 10 posts and your age input into your profile.

-Suspected Minors: If you think someone is a minor that has an age posted as 18 or over, or someone has joined with an age under 18, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY. We take this very seriously here, we do not want to expose minors to anything that they shouldn’t see.

--Age Subsection I: Age Restricted Content
 -Explicit Content: Must go in the NSFW Section, there is no exception to this rule.

-Images: Crotch Shots, Nudity/Partial Nudity, Images uploaded of others without permission, or explicit sexual images are NOT allowed on the site.
-Explicit links must be placed in NSFW Section. No exceptions.  

--Age Subsection II: Roleplaying
 -Roleplaying: Is allowed as long as it is done in the correct sections.
 -18+/Explicit: Explicit role playing is forbidden on the site entirely. Anyone caught doing so will be banned and possibly reported to law enforcement.
 -Other: Content not directly ab/dl related (I.e. Furry or other content) is allowed as long as it is not explicit. We encourage our users to role play in the proper areas, be it ab/dl, or something completely different like Sci-fi, Fantasy, so on and so forth.

Reporting Posts/Members
-Reporting Posts: Posts that violate the rules should be reported to a moderator or other staff member immediately via the report button or private message; Once reported the staff will deal with the post as per our rules.

-Reporting Members: Any member breaking the rules anywhere on the forum is to be reported to the staff, either via the report button or by private message, the user will be dealt with appropriately.

--Reporting Subsection I: Suspected Predators
 -Suspected Predators: If you suspect/believe someone is a pedophile or a sexual predator for any reason report them immediately to staff. An investigation of their account will begin and will be reported to the proper authorities if they turn out to be a pedophile or predator.
 -Legally Registered Predators and Pedophiles: Are not allowed on our forum.

Punishments/Consequences of Rule Breakage
-First Offence: First Offence refers to minor offence, breaking a rule that or causing trouble, you’ll receive a warning. This warning will no longer be in effect after 1 (one) month.

-Warnings: Warnings are written warnings by staff members, they are recorded by the staff, you may accumulate three of these before you are punished. Each month on the site equals to the removal of one warning.

-Three Warnings: After the accumulation of three warnings (Three warnings still time valid) you will receive a warning on your warning bar. This bar is publicly displayed on your account. Once one part of the bar is removed you will only be allotted one warning before action is taken.

-Warning Bar One Warning: If your warning bar is down, you get one warning before action is taken, if you break a rule you will be removed from the NSFW Section, as well as lose rights to post in product reviews and in the roleplaying section (And banment from the chatbox) until your warning bar is restored. (Staff Discretion)

-If You Continue To Cause Trouble: You will receive a 3 day site ban and another tick on your warning bar. After the three days you will be automatically unbanned and allowed back, you will be allotted one more warning before your final warning bar tick. This period is considered “Probation”

-If You Get In Trouble During “Probation” You will be banned for a month. After a months time if you come back and cause more trouble you will be banned for at least another month depending on the severity of your actions.

-Perma-Bans: These are on a case by case basis. You may be permanently banned without going through the above steps if you break a rule that pertains to a law. You will also be permanently banned if your warning bar gets to 0.

-Warning Bar Recharge: If you lose a tick on your warning bar, don’t worry, as long as it hasn’t gone down to 0 you can still redeem yourself. 6 months after losing a tick on your warning bar, if you haven’t received any more warnings or broken any more rules you will gain that tick back.

--Punishments Subsection I: Reporting Mistreatment/False Reports
 -If you feel you have been mistreated by staff/falsely accused: Report it to another staff member, they will look over the incident and decide whether or not it was a justified action.

 -Abuse of Staff Powers: If a staff member continuously punishes you, it’s possible that they have developed a grudge against you, if this is the case we already know about it and are working to resolve the situation. All reports and punishments go directly through the administration team, we know if someone is repeatedly being mean or if they are within their rights. If they are abusing their powers to hurt you or another user they will be punished accordingly.

Question & Answer
What’s the legal for?: Our own protection as well as yours if any legal action occurs.

I’m under 18, can I join?: Sorry! For the protection of all of our members, anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to join, otherwise we would have to place more restrictive rules on posting content.

Can I donate to the site?: At this time we are not taking donations, we are a free to use site, and will remain that way as long as possible. We will not open up to taking donations until we have a large number of members who wish to donate. Money donated to the site if we start taking donations will be used to further the site and/or assist staff members with any monetary troubles they are in.

We reserve the right to monitor any communication sent to or via our site.

Nothing on our website should be considered as legitimate medical or legal advice. We recommend you consult a professional before doing anything suggested here.

By uploading their third party content to this site, users grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, non-revocable license to retain, display, store, transmit and otherwise use said content as we see fit. In the event of an account being terminated, banned, or deactivated voluntarily or as the result of disciplinary action, we shall retain the above full and perpetual license on all posts and related content associated with the account.

We expressly disclaim any liability or legal responsibility of any kind or manner whatsoever and howsoever, arising as a result of any third party data, information or content posted on this site by any person or other legal entity. We do not assume any responsibility pertaining to the accuracy or veracity of the third party content posted by any person or any other legal entity on this site. We also do not take any responsibility or liability for any illegal content created, hosted, or transmitted on/from this website by any person or other legal entity, in violation of any law prevailing for the time being in force.

The administration reserves the right to remove, edit, move, and modify content for any reason.

Any information shared with site staff should be considered shared with all of the site staff. If something is shared with a staff member they are permitted to share that information with the rest of the staff.

We reserve the right to redistribute, and post public copies of any legal notices and notifications we receive.

We reserve the right to share your information with law enforcement.

We are not liable for personal or emotional damages caused by other users of this website, the users responsible for causing the damage will be punished accordingly.

We will co-operate with any law enforcement entities, even if this means sharing users personal information to assist in any sort of investigation or other police activities.

The staff of this website and our webhost are not liable for any content posted by our users.

If any provision or provisions of this agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.
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