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Need Help With Introductions? (My Personal Introduction included!)

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Need Help With Introductions? (My Personal Introduction included!)

Post by Addy Shadows on Sun May 01, 2016 7:25 am

No worries! We require that you introduce yourself in at least some fashion before using the rest of the forum, but you don't have to get super detailed if you don't want.

If you're struggling to come up with an introduction post just follow the format I'm going to use below. Also each introduction should be it's own thread!


Hey! I'm me! You can all call me Addy, that's what I go by on the internet! Or Midnight, either or. Some people may refer to me as 'evil' but that's ancient history of a username i had a long time ago.

I'm 20 (As of 2016 since I won't be updating this probably ever) I live in Pittsburgh PA and I'm a girl. I love sci-fi stuff, mainly star trek and star wars, but I also enjoy computer games and cars.

Of my hobbies I enjoy writing stories with some of my friends and playing games with them. I'm Pansexual. As for where I fit in on this ab/dl site, I'm a little girl, as well as a DL, I'm also a babyfur from time to time. I go back and forth. So that's all I can really think of to put here for now (I suck at introductions but I figure I'd put one up so you all know me and you all have some sort of template to go off of if you don't know what to put.)
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