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Forum Announcement #1

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Forum Announcement #1

Post by Addy Shadows on Sat May 07, 2016 2:07 am

The forum is up and running! We are now accepting new members and I eagerly await to see new faces join!

We're a little rough around the edges right now since we just opened up, as we get more members some problems with the forum may arise but don't be discouraged from joining, I will do everything to fix any errors that occur!

Change Log:
-Fixed signatures; If you want your signature displayed go into your profile settings and set it to 'always display'
Until you set to always display your signature will not appear, and will only appear on new messages posted after you've changed the setting.

-Took site out of Maintenance Mode; Users can now join and start to post!

-Fixed an issue with the warning bar not appropriately showing on the administrative members profiles.

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